5 Best Highlights From NA LCS Week 1

The NA LCS Spring Split had an exciting start with a few teams and players standing out among the rest. It featured crazy teams fights, escapes, and team combos.

Here are the top 5 plays that stood out Week 1.

5. Early Jungle Teamfight by Echo Fox

With the combination of Joshua "Dardoch" Hartnett's ability to hit all his abilities on both the jungler and support and his situational awareness to actually use his Zac ultimate to bring them to his AD carry. 

4. Game Changing Teamfight by C9

By being aware that Counter Logic Gaming had wasted their Malzahar ultimate and were pushing forward in the fight, Cloud9 was able to get an insane pick without losing any teammates with the combination of Andy "Smoothie" Ta holding on to his Braum wall to block a detrimental Ornn ultimate and Jensen's Zilean ultimate on Gangplank.

3. Awesome Ultimate Combo by Echo Fox

Despite the fact Ryze usually has an easy escape, Kim "FeniX" Jae-hun and Dardoch were able to chain their crowd control against the enemy Ryze causing him to not only get bursted down instantly, but also unable to perform his stopwatch escape combo.

2. Baron Secure by 100 Thieves

What makes this play great is the amazing shotcalling demonstrated by Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black at the 38-minute mark. 

While trying to secure Baron, Aphromoo called that Cho'gath, with combination of Morgana's Black Shield, was going to flash over the wall to steal the baron with his ultimate for free. 

In response to this, 100 Thieves stood at the wall waiting for Cho'gath to flash and instantly popped the black shield which allowed Aphromoo to use his Braum ultimate to stun Cho'gath while 100 Thieves smited the baron.

1. Insane Save by Team Liquid

Despite an amazing Ornn ultimate into Jarvan IV combo set up from OpTic onto Team Liquid's Gnar, Kim "Olleh" Joo-sung had other plans for his teammate.

Olleh prepared for the worst, set out a max range lantern for his teammate which he then extended using his flash. Olleh also followed up with his flay and ultimate to disengage the fight while saving his teammate who only had a slither of health left. 

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Photo Courtesy of lolesports  flickr