5 Best AD Carries in League of Legends Patch 8.2

Some were present while others were missing in action during the meta for League of Legends Patch 8.1. On patch 8.2 -- which went live Wednesday -- players will get to see some familiar faces back in action, both old and new. Ranked from less to more relevant, here are the AD Carries that we predict will be the best to play during this patch.

5. Ezreal

Ezreal has definitely put us all through some trials of our own during his Kleptomancy stint, even through this last patch. Although his Q nerf will definitely make him more of a shadow of his former self, this is nowhere near enough to keep him off the Rift. He'll still be able to compete with other ADCs like Vayne, Tristana and Kog'Maw.

4. Vayne

Vayne's strength on the last patch as well as her nerf on this new patch are probably two of the most talked-about items on the patch notes. Still, she's far from becoming irrelevant. Vayne might no longer be considered overpowered, but she's usually been a strong pick for ADC even when not the strongest in the game. It'll be the same this time, even with a nerf in the new patch.

3. Tristana

Tristana has been fairly meta for the last few patches or so, but we believe she's coming back in a big way, especially now with Vayne just being nerfed. Good for taking objectives and making an impact in any team fight, Tristana is likely to be quite relevant during this patch cycle.

2. Varus

Having undergone lore and splash art updates, it seems strangely appropriate that playing Varus would be in the meta right now. With the nerf to Vayne making a definite change to the way the game has been played over the past few patches, Varus is sure to become even more of a popular pick, in all of his two-gay-warriors-and-a-vengeful-spirit glory.

1. Kog'Maw

Falling out of favor with the meta after the Ardent Censer meta ended, we haven't seen Kog'Maw dominating quite as much as he did before, having been rendered a fairly off-meta pick the last few patches with the new runes and champions like Ezreal and Vayne coming into full force in their strongest forms. But as Ezreal and Vayne slowly decline, Kog'Maw has been rising -- and we believe he'll be the strongest ADC and most meta of Patch 8.2

Photos courtesy of Riot Games