This is not a drill! 

Owen Wilson was spotted at the OWL to cheer on the Seoul Dynasty. It seems he's bad luck as Dynasty lost to New York Excelsior. It was an epic series, one for the ages, that went the full five games, but New York eventually won 3-2. After New York lost on Thursday, it was hard to imagine which team would knock off the Kings From Korea.

Well, it took other Koreans to defeat them. 

But this is the first "celebrity" spotted at the arena and hopefully, there are more to come. I wouldn't be surprised if we saw more voice actors join the fray. Overwatch's voice actors are already extremely popular on social media. Many of them exploded onto the scene after BlizzCon in 2016 and they haven't stopped. 

We've seen many amazing things from them like when they all danced their character's dance emote. Or when they perform hilarious skits. It's time for them to cheer on the best payers in the business.