​Many Overwatch seasons have passed since the infamous "Beyblade" meta that saw Reaper, Ana, and Zarya tear up unaware opponents with overpowered Death Blossoms that dropped in from above. 

While it is no longer a viable strategy, Death Blossoms from above are still well in play and can be used in times of desperation.

Player Revarion caught an amazing Death Blossom play of the game, where his Reaper wiped out​​ the enemy team in a heavily contested hold. Revarion did so without any backing, as the rest of his team were catching up to him from the spawn point.

The play features good old-fashioned positioning, with Reaper being in the absolute right place to make the enemy team wipe happen. It's easy to imagine that this call was a "lets see what happens" type of play, as when Revarion dropped in he spun his camera around, having a little fun at the enemies' expense.

For anyone missing out on the days of surprise Death Blossoms, know that Reaper is still capable of pulling it off, even without assistance, when the timing is right.


Clip courtesy of Revarion