It's a dead game, right? Wrong. Counter-Strike has dominated the esports scene all of last year and they continued that into 2018. ELEAGUE had more than 1,130,000 concurrent viewers for the finals. 

It helps that they had the most popular American esports brand in Cloud9, playing and winning the finals. But the quality of the game itself is what brings in the big numbers. We already saw the Overwatch League have an amazing weekend and no one can take that away from them, but this was something else.

In one of the most epic Counter-Strike series of all time, Cloud9 shocked the world by being the first American team to win a Major. It was a legendary event and series and the numbers reflected that. 2018 looks to be an amazing year for esports.

It's hard to imagine what can top that Major, but I'm sure more amazing tournaments are just around the corner. 

Photo Courtesy of ELEAGUE