5 Takeaways From EU LCS Week 2

The EU LCS is saying a major power shift and Week 2 emphasized the shift dramatically. Here are some of the key stories coming out of the region.

5. Giants Riding the SteelBack

Pierre "Steeelback" Medjaldi is doing the role of ADC justice. The numbers are not showing on the kill feed but his assists are giving a healthy but to his KDA. 

Factor in that he has not died in the any of the wins the team have, he's contributing plenty to the team's success.

4. EU LCS is a Shoot-out

Speaking of ADCs, it's a country western in the EU LCS. Three of the four teams tied for #1 on the standings represent the top 3 KDAs among all players.

They are doing damage all over the rift and doing so very safely.

3. Memento is Big for Roccat

Roccat have taken a different approach and are letting their jungle roam freely. Jonas "Memento" Elmarghichi ranks 4th in KDA with the lowest deaths among EU junglers. His decision making and team are setting him up nicely to have a big year.

2. The Old Guard is Hurting

The last offseason left many EU LCS team scrambling to field new rosters as talent went else where. Now in Week 2, it is the former powerhouses of H2K, Unicorns of Love and G2 scrambling to keep up with the times.

All these teams went 0-2 for the week.

1. Fnatic Continue to Underwhelm

Fnatic, one of the few teams to keep their roster largely together, are struggling to find an identity in this new EU LCS. With their 1-1 record for week 2 barely beating G2 and lackluster numbers across the board, they haven't shown that they are ready to be a dominant force.

All Photos Courtesy of lolesports