5 Surprising Facts From NA LCS Week 2

With the results of each week continuing to advance the plot of the NA LCS spring split, every game builds a bit more anticipation. Here are five surprising facts about Week 2.

5. Eyes on the Prize

Team SoloMid's Michael "MikeYeung" Yeung showed up every good support in the NA LCS in Week 2, claiming his throne as the player with the highest vision score this week at a whopping 174.5. And he wasn't even playing his Lee Sin pocket pick.

4. Team Liquid is Somehow Still Fourth

Some memes never die.

Despite being in a three way tie for second place, Team Liquid is listed fourth in the NA LCS standings. It's a meme that has gone on for years, and it appears it won't end anytime soon.

3. Unsealed Potential

Unlike Stopwatch in Week 1 -- with it being taken a total of 60 times out of a possible 100 --Unsealed Spellbook wasn't quite as popular last week, especially among AD Carries. But this week saw ADCs take Unsealed Spellbook in seven out of the 10 games played over the weekend. Quite the turnaround, really.

2. Zoe Is Everywhere

Having become  infamous ever since her initial release for dealing out ridiculous amounts of damage and managing to be in two places at once, it was no different on the LCS stage this past weekend -- or even ever since the start of the split. This week, Zoe was banned nine out of 10 possible times and picked the one time she wasn't. This statistic was the same for Week 1, meaning that Zoe has been picked only twice during the entirety of the split and banned the other 18 times. Talk about a major presence!

1. Zac is Also Everywhere

Zac -- while perhaps not being banned quite as often as Zoe -- definitely still made quite the splash this past week on the Rift. Banned in five games and picked in all the others, Zac was one of the champions to have a 100 percent win rate during Week 2.

Whether it's being banned or being picked, you can definitely count on seeing him even more in the weeks to come.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games