​According to ​a report by Kevin Hitt of VPEsports, Gamma Enterprises, LLC, creator of G Fuel, is being sued by the Environmental Research Center of California for failing to provide warning labels on 18 products that allegedly contain lead amounts in violation of California's Health and Safety Code.

Gamma Enterprises, LLC, which does business as Gamma Labs, is accused of selling products that exceed the limit on lead content presented by California's Proposition 65. Lead, according to the State of California, causes cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm. It has no known safe level of consumption, and is especially dangerous for children.

G Fuel is a popular sponsor in the gaming space, which is largely populated by teenagers and children under 18. Gamma Labs' marketing strategy specifically targets those demographics, according to ​a story by Stacey Sager of New York WABC-TV.

On Aug. 25, Gamma Labs was served with a 60-day notice to remedy the violations. In the notice, the ERC demanded that Gamma Labs pay a civil penalty, remove the lead content from their products, and provide a warning about that lead content to anyone in California who purchased any of the products in the last three years.

Gamma Labs failed to respond to the notice, and now faces a lawsuit. Meanwhile, failure to comply carries an enforceable penalty of $2,500 per day, per violation. This case has allegations of violations stretching all the way back to 2014.

Both Gamma Labs and the ERC declined to comment on the VPEsports story, with the ERC stating that a Non-Disclosure Agreement was in place during settlement negotiations.

G Fuel currently sponsors esports teams such as ​the newly-formed 100Thieves, as well as streamers such as Dr. DisRespect, who ​made his return to Twitch on Monday after a hiatus that began in December.

Cover photo courtesy of ​Gamma Labs