​Fnatic has officially announced that Nick Fry, former CEO of the Mercedes AMG Formula One Team and founder of advisory firm Stonehaven Partners, will be joining Fnatic as Head of Commercial Strategy.

In a post published on the brand's website on Monday, Fnatic revealed that Fry and Stonehaven would be aiding it in expanding its reach globally, and making it even more approachable to possible partners not endemic to esports.

Fry is well known in the automotive and sports industries for his time in Formula One, where he most recently worked as Mercedes' Formula One CEO. He was involved in the sport for 11 years, during which time he founded his own Formula One team and led it to a world title in 2009 before selling to Mercedes.

Fnatic's CEO, Wouter Sleijffers, was ecstatic about Fry's joining the team. "Having someone of Nick’s experience and stature is of significant value for Fnatic and esports as a whole," he said. He expects Fry's experience to help the brand further capitalize on its ability to deliver value to "the brands, leagues, and partners [it] work[s] with."

Fnatic recently ​announced its EU LCS roster for 2018, as well as ​a controversial roster change for its Dota 2 squad after a win at an ESL One Katowice qualifier.

Cover photo courtesy of ​Fnatic