G Fuel Founder Issues Statement About Lead in his Product

G Fuel
G Fuel / Image by Leonardo Mendes

Gamma Enterprises, LLC, the company that manufactures popular energy drink G Fuel, has come under fire this week after its products were found to contain lead. Company founder Cliff Morgan took to Twitter on Tuesday to explain the levels of lead found in G Fuel.

He wrote G Fuel contains vitamins and minerals that absorb lead through the soil, but still keeps the amount of lead below the daily limit within the Proposition 65 law in California.

The Environmental Research Center is suing Gamma Enterprises for allegedly not providing warning labels on 18 products that contain lead, with G Fuel being one of them. Morgan said in his statement G Fuel is below the FDA's limit for lead.

The clarification by the company's owner does put things into perspective and sheds a little light on the entire story. The FDA's limits are a little more lenient than the Prop 65 conditions of California. The daily limit for the FDA is at 75.0 micrograms per day for adults and 6.0 micrograms for children. That means, according to Morgan's statement, that the G Fuel products fall below the FDA's restrictions on lead. 

It's important to note the lawsuit stemmed from Gamma allegedly not providing warning labels on its products that contain lead -- not the levels of lead in the products.