According to a tweet from the official Overwatch Latin America Twitter account,  Overwatch's newest feature will be the ability to swap hero skins on the fly before matches begin. The new addition is slated to take place Thursday.

The tweet, which states that "Fashionista heroes have a lot to celebrate," features a gif of the new skin swapping in action. Pharah can be seen on the character select screen before a match, while a cursor uses a drop-down menu to switch her skin multiple times as the game counts down to its start.

This change is a welcome quality of life improvement, and its timing couldn't be better. With one volley of skins from the Blizzard World update still making waves, and a second rolling up on the horizon in the shape of the Year of the Dog event, the community is sure to be inundated with new skins.

Now, players will be able to pull out whatever skin best suits their mood even after they've joined a match. Had your Casual Hanzo skin on for Lijiang Tower but now you're headed to Hanamura? No problem, just swap it out.

This was a highly requested feature by the community and it's awesome to see it implemented so soon! 

Cover photo courtesy of  Blizzard Entertainment