Two Smash players, Professor Guppy and Smrofo, were reported missing by "Pauleke," and  @Nai_Yako. Over a 12 hour period people of informing one another with their interactions with the Smashers in order to build a timeline, contacting the authorities, and tons of community support, the two smashers were found.

It started with the initial post by @Nai_Yako on Twitter. Being a concerned friend of the two, he went out of his way to make a post about the missing Smash players on Twitter. After a few responses from other players, such as Pauleke who describes having lunch with Professor Guppy, it was assumed that at least one of the two players should have been playing at the Frostbite pools at 6 p.m..

Past seven hour mark, Pauleke informed everyone that the authorities had gotten involved in the search. 

As the search continued, many community members extended their condolences and sympathy towards searchers who seemed to be working very diligently to find their lost friends and family. One of Guppies' family members extended their worries about the situation.

After the 12 hours of the two MVDA smash players missing, @Nai_Yako announced that the two had been found. 

He mentioned in a follow up post that he would explain the situation after community buzz surrounding the debacle died down.

Photo Courtesy of ​@Nai_Yako Twitter