The second character in Season 3 of Street Fighter V will see the return of Blanka who will be officially released on Feb. 20.

Let's go, baby! 

The Warrior of the Amazon, who first appeared in Street Fighter II will play a familiar game in his past iterations, utilizing a combination of electric attacks and cannonball lunges to close the gap on opponents. 

Blanka will have some new tools in SFV, most notably his new command grab Wild Hunt, which according to the Capcom Unity Blog sees him "leap forward and viciously scratches the opponent before throwing them a set distance away from him."

His V-Skill, Coward Crouch, gives him the ability to avoid attacks like fireballs with the option to follow up with Wild Lift, which will work as a launcher or Raid Jump which will jump at the opponent.

Both of his V-Triggers, Jungle Dynamo and Lightning Beast will unlock new moves on activation. Jungle Dynamo will unlock Ground Shave Rolling, while Lightning Beast will unlock Rolling Cannon. Both new moves look to be combo extenders for the character.


There are still four characters remaining to be officially launched with the expectation of Falke, being the next character on the launch schedule.

Photo Courtesy of Capcom