The San Fransisco Shock announced Monday via Twitter that they were welcoming Jae "JunkBuck" Choi to their coaching staff, and that he and head coach Brad Rajani would be hosting a Reddit AMA on Sunday. He is the third addition to the coaching staff, following ​Dillain "LegitRc" Odeneal, and ​Harsha "harsha" Bandi.

JunkBuck previously served as the coach for Toronto Esports, a Canadian team that competed in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, and several smaller Overwatch tournaments. Toronto Esports recently won the North American Overwatch Open Division Season 2.

JunkBuck joins the Shock after it had a less than stellar first Stage of the OWL's inaugural season, wherein it carried a 3-7 record. He looks to improve the team in Stage 2 with Rajani, coach "LegitRC," and analyst harsha.

The Shock will gain a couple of players during Stage 2, as both flex tank player Matthew "super" DeLisi, and flex DPS player Jay "sinatraa" Won, will turn 18 in March, just before the second Stage's end. Once 18, both players will be able to compete in the Overwatch League.

​The Shock play their first game of Stage 2 on Feb. 21, against the Los Angeles Gladiators.

Cover photo courtesy of the ​San Francisco Shock