5 Takeaways From NA LCS Week 4

Week four of the NA LCS ended with two teams tied for the No. 1 spot, Cloud9 and Echo Fox. Other teams took the week to make surprising stands against considerable odds.

Here are five takeaways from week four of the NA LCS.

5. Shifts in the Jungle

There was a sudden shift in the jungle picks for Week 4 in the NA LCS. Skarner and Jax combined for eight of the ten jungle picks and have a combined 6-2 win rate this week.

As stated in the three interesting stats for Week 4, Snarker has not seen competitive play since the 2014 Summer Split.

4. Team Liquid Fail Important Test

This was the week for Team Liquid to prove that they are the top dogs in the NA LCS. If they had beaten Cloud9 and Echo Fox, they would have been the sole recipients of the No. 1 spot after Week 4.

The Cloud9 loss comes at a personal price, as Jung "Impact" Eon-yeong took a hard loss to his former team. 

3. Guardians Finally Get a Win

The Golden Guardians got their first win in their franchise history, and they did it with solid numbers across the board.

Juan "Contractz" Arturo Garcia seems to have come alive this past week, as he had a 7/3/11 stat line over the two games the team played.

2. Fly Lukewarm in Debut

Song "Fly" Yong-jun is back as Fly Quest's starting mid laner, but his return was lukewarm at best. The team did have a key victory over 100 Thieves but it came with Fly's 0/0/12 stat line.

Fly is certainly finding opportunities to be a part of kills, but he'll have to prove he can kills on his own terms if the team hopes to turn things around.

1. Tough Week for 100 Thieves

One hundred Thieves had a rough week losing to FlyQuest and Golden Guardians, two teams that, on paper, they should have beaten soundly. Whether it be lack of preparation for the jungle shift, or getting caught off guard by newcomer Fly, 100T looked off in week four.

They'll have tough matches in Echo Fox and CLG in week five, so they'll need to regroup fast before the split starts to slip away from them.