5 Tips for Playing Leona Support Like a Pro

Leona, when played properly, can be one of the more powerful support champions in League of Legends. Her passive enables her to have a powerful amount of damage when utilized properly, and her kit has access to a ton of crowd control. Here are five tips that will improve your Leona play.

5. Use your Solar Flare Aggressively and Defensively

Solar Flare (R) is a great tool for picking off over-extended target picks on multiple targets. Use this ability to engage crucial time fights and set up picks with your team.

On the flip side, don't be afraid to stand near your sole carry champion and wait for any enemy assassins acting foolish.

4. Zero or 100; No Inbetween

It's important to realize that one of Leona's biggest weaknesses is that she struggles to disengage once she has committed to one of her Zenith Blade (E) jumps. Her lack of mobility means that she will be unable to protect her AD Carry if for some reason a potential threat unexpectedly shows up.

To combat the issue, before engaging, always try to have an understanding of where the enemy jungler is located. If you believe they are on bottom side, try to at least make sure your jungler is in position for a counter gank and you have proper ward coverage.

Also make sure you don't allow your enemies on the lanes themselves to walk past you and burst your allied laner. Try tanking a few major enemy abilities while having your Eclipse (W) active so that you can reduce those abilities effectiveness. 

3. Auto Q Auto

It's actually possible to reset your auto attack animation on your first auto attack with Shield of Daybreak. There is a few ways you can utilize this combo.

  • Use this combo to clear wards that are placed right at your feet. If you are quick enough you can clear the ward without a sweeper.
  • If you are looking for a way to gain a small boost of damage per second in isolated fights, execute the combo.
  • Use this combo to push turrets faster.

2. Pace Your Abilities When Fighting Early Game

Leona's passive, Sunlight, allows allows Leona to gain additional damage when consumed by allied champions. 

When paced properly with an allied AD carry, bursting down enemy champions early game becomes very easy enabling you to push early leads.

As the game progresses this becomes slightly less relevant as Leona's damage becomes not as potent, but can also sometimes be the difference between an enemy walking out with 50 health and zero.

1. Guarantee your Abilities.

Landing one crowd control ability means that you should land another one. 

If you land your Solar Flare (R), follow up with your Zenith Blade (E) into your Shield of Daybreak (Q).

If you walk up and auto attack with your Shield of Daybreak (Q) follow up with your Solar Flare (R).

If you land a Zenith Blade (E), follow up with you Shield of Daybreak (Q) into your Solar Flare (R).

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Photos Courtesy of Riot Games