Top 5 League of Legends Ships We Love

Today is the day that we stop calling our fellow teammates cancer, and start celebrating love. Or at least we can all bond over the fact we're playing League on Valentine's Day. Riot had the foresight to put some great ships (characters in relationships) for us to live vicariously through, and now we're going to rank them.

5. Diana and Leona

The sun and the moon. I swear this is the most out-there we're going to get on this list. Based on the lore, Diana and Leona hate each other. 

Who doesn't enjoy a good love-hate relationship? They put a new spin on the whole May-December romance.

4. Rumble and Tristana

Nothing is more adorable than two Yordles in love. Tristana is friends with both Rumble and Teemo, and both have a bit of a thing for her. Rumble even named his mech, Tristy, after her! 

Plus, if you have the Super Galaxy Rumble skin and recall next to Tristana, he'll say things like   "Let's make fireworks, baby!" or "How do you like me now, Tristana?"

3. Katarina and Garen

This is one of the oldest ships in the game. While the new Katarina lore might not mention it, Katarina and Garen have a history together. They've become rivals on the battlefield, a regular Noxian and Demacian version of Romeo and Juliet. 

Plus, if Garen is near Katarina, his jokes take on a flirtatious tone.

2. Ashe and Tryndamere

Another of the oldest ships, but this ones a little harder to pin down. Riot has confirmed that Ashe and Tryndamere are both still married after the lore changes, but their stories don't mention each other. Nevertheless, Ashe's heartseeker skin, and their continued marriage alone means that a torch still burns for them somewhere.

1. Xayah and Rakan

The power couple duo of League of Legends. These two are all about each other in their lore and their entire design is based around the fact that they're in love with each other, and kicking ass in bot lane. They even have a cute custom recall animation for god's sake!

Photo courtesy of Riot Games