The Overwatch League has updated the schedule for Stage 2 and revealed the new map pool. 

Fans of Volskaya Industries will be excited. 

Found within the match details of the Overwatch League Stage 2 schedule, all the maps that will be played have already been determined. 

Assault :

  • Hanamura
  • Volskaya

Escort :

  • Gibraltar
  • Route 66

Hybrid :

  • King's Row
  • Hollywood

Control :

  • Nepal
  • Lijiang Tower

In the Overwatch League, teams play four maps within each series. Teams play one of each type of map within the four map series, regardless of the final score at the end of a series. The only exception is for a 2-2 finish where the teams will play a tie-breaking map. 

It's a still a point of contention that Blizzard chooses the maps before the series instead of allowing for a pick-ban phase for maps. Something that is extremely effective and popular in CS:GO. 

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard