On Tuesday, the Overwatch League finally released a summary of the official league rules of competition and code of conduct. Overwatch League commissioner Nate Nanzer has been teasing a rule book since the beginning of the season, and it seems we're getting just a taste so far. 

The official statement features a summary of Code of Conduct requirements which include: 

  • observe the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship;
  • compete to the best of their skill and ability at all times;
  • comply with all applicable laws at all times;
  • not engage in any activity or practice which brings him or her into public disrepute or scandal;
  • not engage in any form of harassment or discrimination;
  • not place bets on any games, matches, or tournaments involving Overwatch;
  • not make any false, defamatory, libelous, or slanderous remarks, comments, or statements; and
  • not use or attempt to use any bugs or exploits in Overwatch.

The Overwatch League has also made available a PDF with a larger summary of the rules and code. 

Hopefully, with a clearer outline of what is acceptable for Overwatch League members and employees, it will be easier for everyone to abide by rules and avoid mishaps we've seen in Stage 1 going forward. 

Photos Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment