5 Best Farming Junglers for League of Legends Patch 8.4

Sometimes a team will draft all pushing lanes and give very little room for the jungler to gank. In that case, a jungler who can efficiently farm jungle camps would be an ideal fit. Here is a look at some junglers who fit that role better than the rest. 

5. Graves

Although his early clear isn't always the fastest, Graves takes very little damage while clearing, because his auto attacks knock jungle minions back. An experienced Graves player can full clear his jungle while remaining at full health, giving him a leg up on many of the other farming junglers. 

4. Skarner

If Skarner can control his Crystal Spires, his jungle clear becomes one of the best in the game. While in the aura of a spire, Skarner gains massive movement speed, attack speed and mana regeneration, all things that a jungler looks for to clear effectively. 

The fact that spires are also in the enemy jungle gives Skarner the potential to invade and steal away camps very quickly if he can manage to control an enemy spire. All of this, combined with a low cooldown on Crystal Slash, sets Skarner up to be great at farming the jungle. 

3. Udyr

Udyr is great for clearing jungle camps because every time he switches his stance he gets attack speed. That attack speed is only further increased when switching into Tiger Stance, which also gives attack speed. 

Tiger Stance does damage over time as well, making it perfect for killing a single target. When Udyr has enough mana, usually when he has blue buff, he can clear the jungle incredibly quickly by switching between Tiger and Turtle stance to take minimal damage and constantly increase his attack speed. 

2. Rengar

Rengar was a benefactor of some Patch 8.4 buffs. Savagery now resets auto attacks and increases the attack speed of the next two auto attacks. With an AD ratio above one, and bonus attack speed at around 50 percent, Rengar can clear incredibly quickly once he gets some AD. 

He also received a significant decrease on his Battle Roar cooldown, which helps immensely when clearing Raptors and Krugs.

1. Shyvanna

Shyvanna is a machine when it comes to taking jungle camps. Burnout is great for taking camps with multiple minions, since it is an AoE ability. Twin Bite compliments Burnout perfectly as it is an auto attack reset and does a fair bit of single target damage, making it ideal for taking down single monster camps. 

Flame Breath even gives some percent max health damage to her kit, further enabling Shyvanna when clearing the jungle, and helping her when trying to take neutral objectives like Dragon or Baron. 

Photos courtesy of Riot Games