5 Best Ganking Junglers in League of Legends Patch 8.4

Farming can get boring, and junglers tend to have more of an impact when helping the lanes. These five junglers excel at ganking lanes and setting up teammates. 

5. Warwick

Warwick has solid ganks throughout the game, and after level six they become much stronger. Early on Warwick can get into lane quickly with Blood Hunt. He can then use the combination of Primal Howl and Jaws of the Beast to stay on top of an enemy champion and keep them from fleeing, except in the direction he wants. 

After level six, Warwick can just run into a lane and use Infinite Duress to hold a champion down for a second and a half, which is more than enough time for follow up crowd control and damage from his teammates. 

4. Jax

Jax has some of the easiest to execute ganks since none of his abilities are skill shots. Simply run into a lane while charging up Counter Strike, Leap Strike onto an enemy champion and re-activate Counter Strike to guarantee a stun. 

This works even better in the bot lane since Counter Strike provides an AoE stun that can lockdown both bot lane champions down at the same time. 

3. Volibear

Volibear is starting to see a lot more play due to the buffs he got in Patch 8.4. His ganks are much improved since Rolling Thunder now gives more movement speed, and it decays over time rather than simply disappearing. 

Majestic Roar was also changed and now knocks enemies back slightly, as well as deals bonus damage to enemies who are mid air or dashing. This means Rolling Thunder combos with Majestic Roar to throw an enemy behind Volibear, knock that enemy back, and deal bonus damage to them. 

These changes have given Volibear much better gank ability, allowing him more opportunities to impact the lanes. 

2. Rammus

Rammus has really strong early ganks, thanks to his crowd control and high movement speed when in Powerball. 

Rammus can come speeding into a lane and knock the opponent up, and then immediately taunt them with Frenzying Taunt. If an enemy is without flash or some deep jungle wards, by the time Rammus is spotted, it is usually too late for them. 

1. Zac

Zac has some of the best ganks in the game with Elastic Slingshot. The ability to appear seemingly out of nowhere by jumping into lanes from behind walls makes his ganks some of the hardest to dodge. 

Once Zac has jumped in he has the additional slow and pull back from Stretching Strikes and, assuming he is already level six, Lets Bounce! is also a great way to hold opponents down for long periods of time. 

The large amount of crowd control, combined with the distance from which Zac can engage from, makes him perfect for constant ganks. 

Many jungle champions have strong ganks, but it is the combination of having good gank potential, along with the ability to farm the jungle camps efficiently, that makes a top-tier jungler.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games