​Brigitte ​was revealed Wednesday as the identity of Overwatch Hero 27, and her kit is unique. Although she's labeled as a support hero, Brigitte has the ability to deal incredible damage at melee range to enemies and has a barrier shield -- similar to her godfather, Reinhardt.

Her introduction to Overwatch's live servers won't be for another couple of weeks, but it's apparent that Brigitte's remarkable kit is the final push Overwatch needs to ​shift away from the meta.

​​Brigitte's kit is a love letter from Blizzard to tank and support flex players. She's classified as a support hero, but also has the shield and attacking capabilities of tank heroes. Her Flail can hurt enemies, but she'll also restore health to teammates around her and provide armor to those in need. Her area-of-effect healing is similar to Lúcio's without completely overpowering his own healing capabilities. 

Like Moira, she's a hero pushing the boundaries of their hero class. 

In Jeff Kaplan's developer update, he mentioned Brigitte would be a great answer to support players who are tired of being attacked by flanking enemies. Brigitte's kit will help these heroes "disengage some of those characters" and get them away from players.

Not only will she be able to stop heroes popular in the dive composition, but Brigitte can also peel for other support heroes. Characters like Ana, who have only one use of her Sleep Dart in order to stop Tracers and Genjis from harassing them, will now have extra support in being able to keep pesky heroes away. 

Mercy's nerf and the introduction of Moira had already begun creating a different meta for the game. Players have noticed an increase in anchor tanks like Orisa and Reinhardt, and other support heroes have been thrown into the spotlight more than before. 

The Overwatch meta has not been able to completely pull itself away from dive, until now.

Sombra's massive buffs have turned her into a ​highly-viable pick in the meta. She's a great answer to Reinhardt, and players have feared that her quicker Hack will turn her into an unstoppable force in the meta.

Brigitte will be able to stop Tracers, Genjis, and Sombras who are sneaking around in the team's back line, and Brigitte will also be able to knock a Sombra from far away if she is trying to harass another support hero.

Heroes that dominated the dive composition will find themselves in trouble when facing an enemy Brigitte. And this is just what the game needs.

Because Brigitte will be able to help heroes like Ana become better picks in the meta, and the addition of tanks like Reinhardt being more popular than before -- fans should see more Ana. Additionally, it wouldn't be shocking for Reaper to become a more popular pick, indicating that the "beyblade" meta, though slightly different, might return in the near future.

At the moment, Brigitte is only playable on the game's Public Test Region. Although no exact launch date has been revealed, Brigitte will most likely stay on the PTR for another couple of weeks until she joins the live servers.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard.

Clips courtesy of emberby & fat32_shamer