3 Best Overwatch Team Compositions In The Current Meta

With the end of the Mercy-focused meta in the Overwatch League, teams have had to get creative with their team comps. From a tank focused squad, to those that play well off a certain hero's abilities, the possibilities are endless.

Here are three that we think are some of the best you can use to crush your opposition.

3. Zarya Squad

This team comp's core is a skilled Zarya player, one who can bully the opposing team with high-energy beams and devastate entire teams with a well-placed Graviton Surge.

The rest of the team will be focused on heroes who can take advantage of enemies caught by the Graviton Surge. Genji's Dragon Blade is a perfect combo with the Graviton Surge due to it's AoE damage and quick speed. Reinhardt's Earthshatter also combos well as it stuns the team, making sure they can't even defend themselves once caught in the Graviton.

2. The Slambulance

The affectionately known "Slambulance" composition is probably the most simplistic one. All you need are four players to run around as Reinhardt, Zarya, Roadhog and DV.a, while the other two players pick Lúcio and Moira for their healing.

The entire strategy revolves around Lúcio speed boosting the team to an objective, and Moira keeps everyone alive with healing spray while the tanks absolutely steam roll everything they come in contact with. This composition works extremely well to surprise the opponents, as it's tough to recover once the Slambulance reaches the objective, and everyone is absorbing damage.

1. Lúcio/Ana Centric

With Mercy no longer the obvious healer pick, Lúcio and Ana are starting to make a comeback. With Lúcio's ability to Speed Boost and give the team a Sound Barrier, he can counter opposing ultimates, and allow his team mates to re position extremely quickly. 

Ana adds flexibility to the team, able to stun a single target with a well placed Sleep Dart, once a target is slept they are easy pickings for your team. Not only that but the sheer potential from her Nanoboost is insane.

Teams with both of these heroes will consist of heroes who can take advantage of the high speed, combined with the power of a Nano boost. Heroes that work best up closem, such as Reaper or Reinhardt will get great mileage from these healers.