Can "XANTARES" Dörtkardeş took to Twitter to reveal that Team Turkey has not been paid from The World Championships 2016.

The Counter-Strike Global Offensive event is approaching two years since it concluded with​​ Team Turkey winning $50,000 for their first place finish.

The tournament held in Belgrade, Sebria was hosted by E-Frag with Azubu being one of the major sponsors of the event. E-Frag is still​ dealing with issues regarding payment from Azubu and based on XANTARES' comments the issues are still plaguing the organization.

​According to Dot EsportsTurtle Entertainment, the parent company of ESL, has taken legal steps against Azubu, over an alleged fraudulent breach of contract regarding a two-year streaming partnership between the companies.

As players continue to reveal the payment issues from TWC 2016 pressure will continue to mount against E-Frag to make something happen.

Photo Courtesy of  TWC