Dallas Fuel's Christian "Cocco" Jonsson talks about the recent changes Sombra received in Overwatch and her new role in the meta.  

On a Twitch stream recently, Cocco expressed his feelings of Sombra after the patch and her place in the Overwatch meta. In the twitch clip, Cocco explained that playing Sombra into 

Winston is way more fun than playing the typical dive composition. We are used to seeing Winston's and Tracer's, but every now and then a Sombra shows up and can cause disaster for the opposing team if not kept in check. 

​​In the same clip, Cocco implied that taking out the Somba should be a top priority, however, if the opposing team fails to do this, it can change the dynamic of the match. The match becomes much more focused on taking out the Sombra as she can cause problems for meta characters such as Winston and D.Va. Her ultimate, EMP, can be the difference in capturing a point and winning the match.

Other members of the Overwatch community believe Sombra is going to play a big part in Overwatch Season 9. 

Cover Photo Courtesy of Blizzard