Game director Jeff Kaplan revealed the latest in official Competitive Overwatch statistics that shows the top ten heroes used by players in each rank of Competitive.

A post on the Overwatch forums mentioned that the trickle down meta isn't real -- and players at lower ranks won't use heroes that players at Top 500/professional players will use. The attention the post received caught Jeff Kaplan's eye, and he decided to share the most used heroes at each tier.

D.Va is seen in every tier of Competitive, as is Moira and Mercy which is unsurprising. Soldier: 76 sees a lot of usage at lower tiers, but is not a part of the top 10 heroes after Gold. Another surprise is the usage of Ana being in the top 10 of every tier but Grandmaster.

The list compiled the top heroes as of the start of Season 9, which means it is both very recent and very accurate.

Season 9 of Competitive is currently underway in Overwatch. Blizzard has not announced an end date for this season of Competitive yet.

Cover Photo Courtesy of Blizzard