​Today Overwatch League team Shanghai Dragons announced that head coach, Chen "U4" Congshan, will step down effective immediately. He will remain on board for one more week due to transitional purposes. Assistant coach Sun Jun Young "Kong" will stand-in as head coach for the time being.

​​Shanghai fans - and Overwatch League fans in general - are desperate to see Shanghai win at least one game. Drastic changes like these seem like the right avenue for the team to take, especially while waiting for their new acquisitions to be cleared to finally come to America to compete.

​​Chen "U4" Congshan has been rumored to work the Shanghai Dragons to the bone, inflict unreasonably long practice times and enforce a ridiculously strict regiment for the team to follow. Whether this was true or not, it seems nothing he was doing was working. Congshan was also fined earlier this year for account sharing - it's unclear if this termination has anything to do with that controversy.

Everyone wants Shanghai to improve and succeed and it seems like with so much change on the horizon for the team, they might have a shot at finally proving themselves.

Photos courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment