​It all starts innocently enough. 

After selecting Sombra, self-professed best player in the Overwatch League Do-hyeon "Pine" Kim of New York Excelsior, declares, 

"Sombra f---ing OP hero. Say again, Sombra f---ing, F---ING OP hero."

​​Pine uses Sombra's Stealth ability to run into Temple of Anubis and make a surprise attack on the enemy Zenyatta standing in the doorway.

Pine is then immediately killed by the Zenyatta, to which Pine explains,

"It's f---ing Zenyatta too OP. It's f---ing Zenyatta OP too."

Unclear if any hero who can actually kill Pine automatically becomes OP in that moment, considering Pine himself is too OP, but if Pine says Sombra and Zenyatta are OP we are absolutely inclined to believe him. 

Photo courtesy of Blizzard