According to a new ​staff post on the Overwatch forums, trying to get people banned can now get you banned. Writing on Tuesday, Overwatch community manager Tom Powers stated that because of forum users abusing the flagging feature, repercussions including suspensions would now be issued to anyone who continues to abuse the system.

In his post, Powers described how users appeared to be using the flagging feature to pause or lock discussions that were not only free from rule violations, but were moreover constructive. 

As a result, any user who continues to abuse the system could face suspension from the forums. Additionally, Blizzard will be limiting the number of flags each user can distribute per day to incentivize using the flag feature only for rules violations, rather than for disagreement.

"Forum users should feel comfortable sharing feedback or opinions without being reported by other members of the community," wrote Powers, "and the flagging feature is a tool that helps us combat destructive behavior."

"When it’s used to casually silence users who might disagree with you, it keeps us from combating truly problematic behavior."

"We believe that every voice matters, and we’d like Overwatch to be a welcoming and enjoyable community. Thank you for helping us build that community, and thank you for your patience as we build and refine these new systems."

Cover photo courtesy of ​Blizzard Entertainment