7 Most Legendary OP League of Legends Champions of All Time

The words are as common as they are poetic:

"Wow that champion is so broken." 

Almost every League of Legends player has seen that typed in one of their games at some point. Sometimes that person complaining is correct and sometimes they are not. League of Legends has a history of having champions be much stronger than planned, but that's what makes them legendary. 

Here are the list of the seven most legendary OP champions in League of Legends history.

7. Zoe

Anyone who has played the game recently would know how strong Zoe was when she came out. A new mechanic with which people were unfamiliar, burst damage, was almost impossible to stop, and the ability to pick up item actives and summoner spells easily was just too much in one champion. She received a recent nerf, but the terror of her still shakes players today.

6. Beta Twisted Fate

His old passive buffed nearby allies' crits, his Q was an on click silence, and his W would give each auto bonus damage between 1-100. Perhaps the most legendarily OP was that his current ultimate now to be his E ability, on an 18 second cooldown, and would be an instant cast teleport. Even after they first changed him, he was still OP with being able to throw double gold cards very easily.

It happened years ago, but it's still fun to look back on.

5. Release Xin Zhao

A common theme among this list has and will be release champions, especially in the early years of League of Legends. Players since the beginning certainly remember how terrifying Xin Zhao was when he first came out. He dished out ridiculous damage and was scary to play against.

4. Nidalee and the One-Shotting Spear

Even today players' hearts will stop when seeing a Nidalee spear fly toward them. Old players will definitely remember how scary it was before her nerfs a few years ago. Her spears were absolutely no joke and no fun to play against. Still, a fed Nidalee today will dish out tons of damage with her spears. 

The worst part was seeing the enemy team get her on ARAM, because it would be game over instantly.

3. Kassadin the Unstoppable Void Walker

Kassadin is one of those champs who used to be so strong that he was nerfed into almost nonexistence. His Q used to silence, his ult didn't stack mana when using it consecutively, and his burst damage was insane. Players used to immediately flash just to get away from him. 

He made a comeback into the meta a few months ago, but the old Kassadin was absolutely overpowered.

2. Old Ryze

The old Ryze was a champion from whom no one could escape from -- literally, because his combo would make his W stun be up non-stop. His cooldowns would decrease from casting abilities making skilled Ryze players able to throw stuns non-stop. 

Combine that with his old ult, which would buff him hard, and you had a killing machine who was all point-and-click based.

The meme of Ryze needing a rework will always live, partially because of him still being very strong and partially because of the nightmares of this Ryze.

1. The unkillable Jax

Jax was absolutely the Grandmaster of Arms during his release, if not the Grandmaster of the League of Legends. 

His old empower attack was an aoe cleave and not single target, making him much stronger in team fights. This ability would scale with damage and size. But the scariest part of his kit was his old counter strike. 

League of Legends used to have a mechanic called dodge. Jax's counter strike would greatly increase his dodge chance while also stunning the enemy every time he dodged an attack. That would allow Jax to dodge not only basic attacks, but abilities, turrets, and the fountain laser as well.

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Photos courtesy of Riot Games