​Redditor YXTerrYXT shared an ​extremely detailed and in-depth rework concept of Symmetra, an Overwatch hero who has zero pick-rate in the Overwatch League and is among the least played hero in the game. 

Symmetra has had one major overhaul since the game released, giving her a Photon Barrier shield and a dual ultimate ability - giving the Symmetra player the choice between a teleporter (which isn't always viable depending on what map you're on and where in the map you are) and a shield generator. 

Rumors of Symmetra getting another rework have surfaced and YXTerrYXT took to Reddit to share their thoughts on how to finally make Symmetra a more viable and useful hero in more situations. YXTerrYXT argues that Symmetra shouldn't be considered a Support hero anymore and shouldn't be given healing abilities. 

According to Symmetra's lore, and more specifically, according to the Overwatch comic about Symmetra, ​"A Better World," Symmetra should be a builder. In the comic, Symmetra uses "Hard Light" to build bridges and even buildings and cities. 


YXTerrYXT has 5 main points to their Symmetra re-work:

  1. ​Give Symmetra Hard-Light charges that increase depending on the damage she and her turrets do. Hard-Light can repair friendly buildings and barriers, and restore shields.
  2.  Replace Photon Barrier or add alongside "Light Path:" a bridge or barrier created by Symmetra out of Hard-Light that can be used by teammates but not enemies. It can be destroyed by enemies, however.
  3. Give her turrets a longer range but with damage scaling by distance. Also increase turret HP from 1 to 25 HP so they're not so easily destroyed.
  4. Increase range of Symmetra's gun, but damage scales by distance. 
  5. Increase speed of her orbs by 33% and charge rate to 50%.

Giving Symmetra the Hard-Light ability would open a lot of doors for her viability, especially if she being a Support hero was taken out of the equation and she primarily focused on shields, building and repairing, and granting her team better mobility. 

Symmetra can be the most fun hero to play in Overwatch but choosing her is usually met with skepticism from the rest of your team. YXTerrYXT has some fantastic ideas that could potentially introduce a completely new kit for Symmetra and stay truer to her lore. 

Photos courtesy of Blizzard