Anjali Bhimani, the voice of Symmetra and Carolina Ravassa, the voice of Sombra, are best friends and voice actors for Overwatch. You can frequently find them together on social media, attending conventions, Blizzard functions, and most often just goofing off together. 

Their latest video is no exception, featuring Ravassa surprising Bhimani with helium balloons.

Ravassa and Bhimani suck up as much helium as possible and start delivering voice lines from their respective characters - kind of.

"I forgot my lines! I don't know what to say now!"


Overwatch fans delight in seeing these two talented actors hang out, and it's obvious they have a lot of fun together!

No official word on "Helium voice packs" coming to Overwatch but maybe it's something the Overwatch team should consider!

Photos Courtesy of Sweeetanj - The Official Channel of Anjali Bhimani