Houston Outlaws player Jacob "JAKE" Lyon had a funny moment in the Outlaws versus Mayhem Overwatch League match. 

While trying to stop the payload on the map Watchpoint: Gibraltar, JAKE attempted to jump down onto the Mayhem team and activate his ultimate. As he jumps down for the kills, the enemy D.Va, played by Tim "Manneten" Bylund, activates her ultimate which causes him to dash away, but he accidentally clicked his ultimate. 

Or he decided he wanted to pop it as he died. 

The play caused laughter between the shoutcasters and even JAKE chuckled over it. Rightfully so because it was hilarious.

The Houston Outlaws play again on March 15 versus the Los Angeles Gladiators. The Outlaws are the favored team in the matchup with their record of 10-6 while the Gladiators are currently 7-8.