6 Most Broken Weapons in Fortnite's History

The Drum Gun is a legendarily broken Fortnite gun.
The Drum Gun is a legendarily broken Fortnite gun. / Courtesy of Epic Games

Fortnite's long run has produced its fair share of completely busted weapons. Some have been the product of limited-time events, intentional in their outsized strength, but others have been the product of misjudged balance decisions. Pulling from both sides of the spectrum, here are the six most broken weapons in Fortnite history.

6. Guided Missile

Epic Games added the Guided Missile in Fortnite Update 3.4, ages ago in Fortnite time. It dealt 105/110 damage per hit, but its real strength came in that players were able to control it manually for up to 18 seconds. Players could also ride atop the missiles, allowing for some incredible hijinks.

5. Compact Submachine Gun

The Compact Submachine Gun's originally incarnation gave players a 50-round magazine, each shot from which dealt 23-24 damage. The sheer destructive power needed immediate re-tuning, and the gun has seen several balance attempts since then.

4. Zapatron

The Zapatron was a sniper rifle based on another gun that already existed in the Save the World game mode. The weapon was capable of dealing 150 damage in a single shot and of firing in bursts, but it was taken out of battle royale so quickly that no exact stats exist for it.

3. Lightsaber

The Lightsaber hit Fortnite alongside the release of the last Star Wars movie in the new trilogy, "The Rise of Skywalker." As an ultra powerful melee weapon, it dealt plenty of damage and could block incoming shots, leading to some epic final duels.

2. Drum Gun

The Drum Gun was a scourge on buildings everywhere. Its massive magazine, high fire rate, and relative accuracy even while running made it the perfect structure destroyer. Epic Games sent it to the vault in Update 5.40, brought it back in Update 8.51, then kicked it back out in Update 10.20. In Update 12.00, the gun was revived as a unique Mythic weapon, only one of which can be found per match.

1. Infinity Blade

The Infinity Blade was the first Fortnite melee weapon to cause a ruckus, arriving as it did just before major Fortnite competitions took place. It increased the wielder's health and shield pools to double, provided passive health regeneration, restored health on eliminations, and increased movement speed by almost a third. Its damage output, at 75 per slash, solidified it as a symbol of Fortnite's balance failures.