Redditor bchang3 released a public service announcement when they realized the Overwatch League moderators on Twitch were instantly banning anyone who typed "Trihard 7."

Trihard 7 was a meme that originated from a popular Twitch streamer. The meme originally was a joke that meant someone was try-harding in a game. However, since then the meaning has devolved into something many find offensive.

Now, people in Twitch chats tend to spam Trihard 7 whenever a black person appears on stream.

Blizzard has been pushing for a friendly and respectable stream for a while now. After recent actions against moderator Uncleswagg, they are cracking down harder in order to help bring professionalism to their esport.

Additionally, there is a crackdown on this meme due to the controversy with player Félix "xQc" Lengyel using the meme. xQc was fined for this action and suspended. Obviously, Blizzard does not want what many view as a racist emote, related to their Overwatch League.

While some people may feel that permanent bans are going too far, it is important for Blizzard to make a powerful statement with this action. The internet loves to dance around the rules so it is understandable that Blizzard is tightening its grip on its channel.

Image Courtesy of Blizzard