​Kemonomichi, the exhibition series created by Daigo Umerhara, hosted its second event that featured a match-up between two of the Japanese fighting game gods.

​​The main event for the night featured Daigo against Hajime “Tokido” Taniguchi, a match that was marketed as an uphill climb for Tokido. Daigo has had a number of high-profile first to ten matches against players like Ho Kun Xian, and Lee "Infiltration" Seon-woo.

The Infiltration vs. Daigo match had a profound effect on Tokido, and it became a goal for him to surpass Daigo. The intense match between Daigo and Tokido went as Daigo predicted. Daigo pulled far ahead by match seven, and Daigo ultimately won 10-5.

In the closing statements Tokido was emotional and broke down in tears,“I wanted to beat you, at least in the game. I’ll come back again.” Daigo was humble in victory and pointed out other successes Tokido has in his career, “You’ve already beaten me at everything outside of the game though.” 

Kemonomichi also featured matches for Street Fighter II: Super Turbo and Tekken 7. See the full stream of matches, including the amazing set between Daigo and Tokido, ​here.