5 Funniest Skins in League of Legends

It is common knowledge that having a skin improves game play. Okay, maybe that's not true. However, at the very least, skins add some extra fun to the game, especially the goofy ones!

5. Zombie Brand

Zombie Brand is hilarious because instead of his usual voice lines he just mumbles and groans, much as a zombie would. His movements are also on point, as he stumbles around and constantly looks to be on the verge of falling over, again, much like a zombie would.

4. Forecast Janna

Forecast Janna has some of the most fun voice lines in the game, portraying a reporter and always using weather puns to describe the game state.

She also has unique interactions with a few different champions when they are in the game. For example she will shout out "Unknown weather pattern!" when Nocturne casts his ultimate, Paranoia. 

3. Definitely Not Blitzcrank

This skin displays Blitzcrank in disguise. The reason this skin is so great is that when in lane, an opponent will often forget they are against Blitzcrank, largely due to his business attire. People have mistaken Blitzcrank for Corporate Mundo, only to be surprised by Rocket Grab. 

2. Corporate Mundo

Mundo shows up as a business man in this skin. After a long day at the office, Corporate Mundo often succumbs to his temper, getting so angry he throws his briefcase at opponents rather than meat cleavers, his usual weapon of choice. 

The voice lines for Corporate Mundo are also some of the funniest in the game with one of them being "Mundo never merge! Mundo acquire!" The combination of how goofy Mundo already is added together with the voice lines for this skin make it one of the best in the game. 

1. Brolaf

Brolaf is such a great skin because there are multiple layers to its genius. For starters, the pun in the name is so smooth. To compliment the name, Olaf appears in what looks like a frat house wearing preppy clothes and fully decked out with beer paraphernalia.

The skin takes it to the next level with the name of the beer that Olaf has clearly used to make his axe from: Graggy Ice. Gragas is known for being a beer drinking enthusiast, his passive is titled Happy Hour, so the synergy here is fantastic. This skin pulls a bunch of different pieces together, making it one of the most fun to use, and one of the funniest to watch. 

Skins make the game more fun, so be sure to check out the best Maokai and Annie skins as well!

Photos courtesy of Riot Games