Top 5 Takeaways From NA LCS Week 8

Playoffs are on every players' mind as we head into the final week of the split. Plenty of teams have already secured their place in the playoffs, but there's still a lot more excitement to be had. Before you go and make your final predictions for the split's postseason, take a look back at this previous weekend's most important moments.

5. Three Teams Down and Out

As it currently stands, three teams (FlyQuest, OpTic Gaming, and Golden Guardians) are eliminated from playoff contention. FlyQuest in particular lost five of its past six games, only beating the Guardians. 

It would not be surprising if, for their last games of the Split, these teams will be experimenting more than actually competing. Still, there's time for them to make their lasting marks and go down swinging.

4. Strong Supports Making Plays

In the past few weeks, 100 Thieves' support Zaqueri "Aphromoo" Black has been reminding us the power of a good support. Now, after another strong recent performance, Nickolas "Hakuho" Surgent of Clutch Gaming is joining the ranks of scary supports. 

Whether it's Thresh, Rakan, or Alistair, these two are setting up the delicious team fights for both their teams. Considering they're both guaranteed for the playoffs, enemies should beware the bottom lane.

3. Crown Within Reach

Unlike their European counterparts, the NA LCS doesn't have a clear frontrunner. Cloud9 and Echo Fox are obviously the two teams with the best record, but they have been very inconsistent in past weeks, and this week did not give fans confidence. 

Echo Fox lost both of its matches, and Cloud9 struggled with TSM. In particular, Dennis "Svenskeren" Johnsen really couldn't pull it together against his former team. While both teams have a guaranteed slot in the playoffs, it's unclear how well they'll actually play in them.

2. TSM in Good Position for Playoffs

Team SoloMid has won five of their last six games, with victories over both Cloud9, Echo Fox, and others. It also managed to take down Team Liquid this weekend, the team's current rivals for fifth in the league. So far, it is looking the strongest out of the remaining teams that need to claim a spot in the playoffs. There's a good chance we'll see TSM in Miami in a couple weeks.

1. Echo Fox's is Dropping Off

Ever since its victory against Cloud9, Echo Fox has been on a rocky road. Last week it took a shocking loss against the Golden Guardians, and this week the team lost both of its games. Counter Logic Gaming shut down Echo Fox's bottom lane, and Heo "Huni" Seung-hoon couldn't keep up, ending 0/5 and looking visibly defeated after the match.

There's no question that the skill in the team is there, it's just a question of whether or not Echo Fox can pull themselves together for a consistent performance in the playoffs.

Photos courtesy of Riot Games