​It's been a week since​ Brigitte's new s​kins entered the PTR. Ever since her release, Brigitte has been under some controversy, as fans claim she has "Blizzard same-face," an idea that Overwatch's female characters have more similar features to look more conventionally attractive than their male counterparts. 

Now, her skins are being critiqued by fans for using the infamous and dreaded boob plate, a design choice that has plagued female characters for decades.

A fan took it upon themselves to make a change, either out of a sense of duty or out of boredom.

​​The redesign gives Brigitte more traditional and functional armor compared the the original one, as well as rendering it in a higher quality texture. 

​Most fans seem to prefer the fan redesign, but to many it's all subjective. Considering Blizzard has taken into account fan's concerns about skins and designs, such as Mei's original Lunar New Year skin, it's possible that Blizzard might take this into account when designing future characters and skins.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard Games