Riot Games has decided to try something different by starting a new package of rebroadcasted games for League of Legends esports. Across the LPL, LCK, NA LCS, and the EU LCS, three games will be chosen each week from each region to be rebroadcasted. 

As stated on the official announcement, "Must Watch Matches will air twice on Tuesdays for both EU and NA audiences at 6:00 PM CET / 10:00 AM PDT and 6:00 PM PDT / 2:00 AM CET."

This will allow more English speaking viewers to enjoy amazing games from other regions. The time difference and the commitment in time are the usual deterrents for fans, but now, you can enjoy each region at a reasonable time. And a bonus for new viewers, they get to watch the best games voted on by a group of casters from each of the four regions

If you're a crazy League of Legends esports fan. This will be perfect for you! 

Photo Courtesy of League of Legends