​Fortnite: Battle Royale has skyrocketed in popularity, and it's seemingly impossible to ignore -- even in the traditional sports world. Now that it's consistently ​topping the charts as one of Twitch's most popular games to stream, Fortnite is only going to garner more and more attention. It's starting to hit the mainstream, specifically the National Rugby League (NRL).

In multiple clips, professional rugby players celebrated goals by bandaging, a common tactic in Fortnite.

Other professional soccer players have celebrated goals by performing the ritual act of pickaxing. 

Players have started using popular animations from Fortnite for their celebrations on the field. It should also come as no surprise that soccer has been hit by the phenomenon, ​considering Marc Lorenz's display.

The fact that Epic Games' battle royale has had this much of an impact speaks to its wide appeal. Next time you hop into that battle bus, there's a good chance you'll be bumping elbows with international sports stars.