​Milos Nedeljkovic, project lead for the FPL Circuit, took to Twitter to announce that Sam "DaZeD" Marine has been invited to compete in FPL NA.

​​DaZeD is one of seven players that are permanently banned from Valve events for his involvement in the iBUYPOWER match fixing scandal. Nedeljkovic stated in his Twitter post that DaZeD is ,"someone that can bring a lot of value to the league, especially to young players that are playing in and need more experienced players alongside of them."

​​Nedeljkovic also took the time to announce that demotions in FPL NA will happen after the first week is over stating, "We are continuously looking for talented players we can add and give a chance to inside the FPL (Based on your results in competitive CSGO or performance in the FPL Challenger.)"

​The details of the FPL Circuit were revealed with the official website showing the new breakdown of the new circuit.

Photo Courtesy of ESL