​Michael Chu, the senior designer for Overwatch's lore and story, is hosting a Twitter Q&A all about upcoming hero Brigitte. She's unique in that she's a support healer, who can also tank and fight well; a mindset that's sure to show a very interesting character.

Players and fans have already flooded the Twitter page with all manner of questions, some of them inane, and some of them are curious about the Lindholm family. People are asking about  her workout routine, and how her relationship with her parents is. It can be safely assumed they might not be happy about their daughter's decision to become a warrior squire with legendary Crusader Reinhardt.

Perhaps the best questions so far are regarding Pharah and Brigitte. Both characters were inspired by Reinhardt, and both had parents within the Overwatch organization. People are speculating whether they grew up together as the second generation of heroes, or if they might even be rivals.

The new lore and insights into her character are coming in as she is being prepared for release. The lore is definitely welcome, and will breathe a new life into Overwatch's overall storyline.

Maybe soon we can get some Zenyatta lore! Everyone's favorite floating monk needs some love too.

Cover photo courtesy of ​Blizzard Entertainment