​An artist on Twitter has taken ​creativity to a new level by building a Pharah figure completely out of LEGOs.

​​The artist shared their art through Twitter, posting four photos of their creation. They replicated Pharah in her classic skin entirely out of LEGOs. Pharah was seen posing in two different ways: in a default pose where she holds her Rocket Launcher, and another where she has her left arm extended forward. The photos also showed off Pharah's jets from behind. 

This isn't the first time Pharah was given a Lego look. Another fan recently created a ​LEGO version of Pharah, though it was designed in a much different style.

Following the instructions found in LEGO boxes can be tedious, but it is very straightforward. You know what pieces you need and which ones should be paired together. But creating something unique out of LEGOs, without a manual to follow, is absolutely incredible.