We caught up with Counter Logic Gaming's support player, Vincent "Biofrost" Wang at the NA LCS Spring Split. Here's our interview discussing CLG's split, Biofrost's struggles, and more.

DBLTAP: It's been an interesting season so far, ​probably not the one you guys wanted. Just taking a look back, what do you think were the main issues that stopped you guys from growing?

Biofrost: "I think in the beginning of the split in our first week when we went 0-2, it wasn't too alarming for us. We thought it was just a bad start because our scrims were going pretty well. Then we went 3-3 and thought the early start was just a little shaky but now we were on the right track. And then we lost six games in a row after that so it was really brutal and kind of naive for us to think that way. I think there was a lot of issues that came up but initially when the split start we were really confident because we had such good results. When it wasn't happening on stage, it was rather confusing and threw us off-guard. So we had to change a lot of things like how we communicate in-game, what we play, and we had to do all of that mid-split when we were already messing up. When you're losing in best-of-ones, you're really quick to judge based off of one game and we went through a lot of that."

DBLTAP: For you personally as a player, you start off on TSM with Doublelift as a partner in the bottom lane. You guys have an amazing streak of success, but now what's it like being on the other side of the coin and dealing with it as a player?

Biofrost: "It definitely sucks. I was definitely a little bit spoiled when I first joined LCS. Joining TSM was a great experience for me because of all the success we had, and I envisioned that same success with CLG. We definitely didn't go into the season thinking we'd finish seventh. We had ambitions of making playoffs and possibly contending for the championship. When it becomes so drastically different, it's a bit of a shock and it means we need to work harder to catch up to the other teams. It's disappointing for everyone: the organization, the players, the fans, because when you set a certain expectation and you don't meet it, it can be harmful for all of those involved.

DBLTAP: When you joined CLG, did you make it a point to have even more of a voice?

"Yeah, I definitely wanted to play a bigger part in-game where I can communicate a lot more and be more vocal about what I want and how I envision the game to be played. I think that went pretty well this split and think I've grown decently in that aspect. Of course, we had a lot of other issues aside from that. Our communication was definitely a problem this split. When you compound these issues together, it can be more of a glaring problem."

DBLTAP: You guys are going to have a couple weeks off and have to focus on the Summer Split. Are you guys going to take a bit of a break or is it right back to the grindstone?

"Well, for me, I don't normally stream during the regular season so I'll probably stream more during the off-season and kind of pay people back. I don't think I'm personally going to take that long of a break because this split was incredibly disappointing for me as a player and was vastly different from what I want. So, I'm going to take the time to practice a lot more and use the time to improve.