​The latest Overwatch Hero, Brigitte, a Tank/Support hybrid hero, is ​now available to play on the live servers​After weeks of anticipation and ​tweaking Brigitte on the PTR, she is finally available for all Overwatch players to try in regular play. 

​Brigitte Lindholm is the daughter of Torbjörn and the goddaughter and squire of Reinhardt. She wields a flail and a shield, ​protecting her teammates and healing them. Brigitte is voiced by Swedish voice actress ​Matilda Smedius.

Brigitte already has ​several known skins, including ​Overwatch League variants. She will be available in ​competitive play at the beginning of Season 10

Being a support hybrid will ​effect the current meta significantly, and ​players will have to re-learn how to ​build a comp around this exciting new hero. 

A new hero in Overwatch is the one of the most exciting events in the game, and after the dust settles it seems that Overwatch will be ​a better game with Brigitte in it

Photo courtesy of Blizzard