In the ​most recent patch notes for Overwatch, Blizzard forgot to include a change made to the ping and RTT settings in the advanced setting options. Blizzard has removed the option to show your ping and RTT, and ​replaced that option with one that will show you your latency instead.

Blizzard claims that the latency figure is a more accurate reading to your connection, but states that, "You can expect this latency number to be 10-20ms more than the ping value [it] previously displayed (higher if your system isn’t hitting 60FPS consistently)."


The new latency measurement option will apparently be more responsive than the previous options to network quality changes.

Also of note is that you will no longer be able to display your latency statistic when you are in the menus outside of a match. Any number that used to display when you are out of the match was just the last number recorded for latency in your previous match.

Go check out the latency option in the advanced settings, don't forget to try out Brigitte, and embrace the change!