New Overwatch hero ​Brigitte ​joined live servers Tuesday, entering as the game's 27th hero. She ​pairs well with a number of Overwatch heroes, which is expected to help shift the game's meta. 

If you've been lucky enough to play as Brigitte, or were beaten in insta-locking her as your Quick Play game began, then you might have an idea of how Brigitte fits in team compositions. Running Brigitte as your only healer might be disastrous -- but that's because Brigitte is a secondary healer. Regardless, Brigitte can bring a lot to the table, which is why she's perfect in running triple support.

Brigitte heals allies within her range every time she damages enemies, as well as giving burst healing through her Repair Pack. Brigitte cannot provide reliable healing to her teammates as the only healer, which means she needs to be paired with someone who has better healing capabilities. 

Moira and Lúcio are great Area of Effect healers, and they can pick up where Brigitte lacks. Brigitte would work with any other healer -- including Ana -- because of Brigitte's ability to peel with Shield Bash and Whip Shot. 

​​Brigitte introduces the possibility of teams running a triple support composition. Pairing Brigitte with a Zenyatta, Lúcio, Moira, Ana or Mercy can still be effective -- but even better and more reliable healing can be provided with three supports. 

Main tanks like Reinhardt and Orisa have come back into the meta, which means teams are more often grouped together -- providing better opportunities for AoE healing. Pairing Brigitte with Lúcio and Zenyatta means both Zenyatta and Brigitte can heal teammates near the front line with Zenyatta's Orb of Harmony and Brigitte's Repair Packs -- or even have Brigitte fight alongside those teammates -- while Lúcio tends to allies at the backline. 

Brigitte's flexibility as a secondary healer with abilities similar to a tank can make her extremely useful.

Brigitte's style of play encourages the inclusion of healers that can fend for themselves, meaning Zenyatta and Moira, who are both heroes that can easily get their own kills, work well with her as they can provide focus healing and AoE healing respectively. 

It has only been a day since Brigitte was introduced, but we can't wait to see where she ​helps push the meta to next.

Cover photo courtesy of Blizzard