Michał "MICHU" Müller is now an official player on Virtus.pro. MICHU played as a stand-in for the team at StarSeries and IEM Katowice and is now a contracted VP player.

In the press release of the announcement Roman Dvoryankin, VP General manager stated,  “We have had quite delicate negotiations. I’m happy we’ve come to a fruitful solution. After making the decision to part with Wiktor “TaZ” Wojtas, MICHU was a top-priority option for us. I hope that Michał will get his hand on a new team soon, and will help Virtus.pro to come back to the top. As for TaZ, I would like to thank him again for his loyalty. I wish to say it one more time: he is the key reason behind Golden Five joining VP, playing for VP, and staying together for so long." 

TaZ parted ways with VP in February and is now a part of Kinguin. Despite the roster move, VP has continued to play lackluster and are not seeing results in the win column. The team's last outing saw them finish 13-16th place at IEM Katowice.

Photo Courtesy of Virtus.pro