On Friday, esports icon and journalist, Richard Lewis, posted the official Overwatch League Rulebook, which has been strangely missing from the public eye. 

The Overwatch League has been no stranger to drama and controversy as they have suspended and fined multiple players. While many of these issues deserved judgment from the Overwatch League, there still was no basis or standard to weigh those acts against. There were no public rules or laws that these players were breaking. 

It simply was stated by the Overwatch League that these players "broke" the player's conduct code, and deserved punishment. 

Obviously, if you are trying to establish a legitimate and transparent business, you need to communicate to the players, teams, and fans. The world needs to know that you are being held accountable to something and not just playing judge, jury, and executioner.  

Richard Lewis has been at the forefront of calling bullsh*t to these situations and crying out for the official rules. Now, after receiving a copy, he has posted the OWL Rulebook to the public. 

These are the standards professional gamers are held to. Do you agree? 

Photo courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment